Kitchen Garden Structures
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Learn how to create kitchen gardens using a variety of simple materials. Presented in cooperation with the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture.

At the end of this course, you will be able to utilize a small piece of land to effectively grow vegetables/fruits.

Course Outline

Week 1
Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - Cone Garden

Video 3 - Drip Garden

Week 2
Video 4 - Micro Garden

Video 5 - Moist Bed

Video 6 - Multi-story

Week 3

Video 7 - Tyre Garden

Video 8 - Wick Garden

Video 9 - Structures

Video 10 - Safe Use of Chemicals & Harvesting

Annie Nyaga

Agriculture CAS, Kenya

“The success of this program represents a new first line of defence for the fight against COVID 19 as we need to maintain a healthy population. Localizing and domesticating food production to individual households will not only ensure access to nutrition but will also complement the stay at home call and reinforce further on food security - one of the pillars in the Governments Big Four Agenda."

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